Picking a Title

Almost done with the sequel to Interdiction and I’m reaching that point where it’s time to seriously consider a title for the book other than the filename I picked back when I began writing it.

Right now, the book exists as “Black Sea” and frankly, that’s just because most of the action is centered on a confrontation between American and Russian naval forces in that particular body of water.

I guess it’s time to come clean about something…

Picking out a title is the single most stressful part of writing a book for me. I suppose the same is true when I write short stories as well. I usually have a file name that I can come up with in the first few minutes (or, sometimes, even before) I start writing. Occasionally, the original file name sits really well with me. For example, Lost and Found was the original file name for a short story that’s coming out in Running Wild Anthology of Stories: Volume 6 by Running Wild Press in October 2022.

Interdiction, on the other hand, spent almost the entirety of its development life known simply as “Navy Book”. Real original. I know.

So bear with me on this one. I’m working on a title that’s better than “Black Sea”.

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