Interdiction Publication Day on Friday!

Paperbacks and e-Book versions of Interdiction will be available for purchase starting Friday, 18 February 2022.

E-books version will load to your device if you’re one of the readers who pre-ordered.

To anyone who has ordered, or plans to purchase the book…Thank you. Your support is appreciated and I hope that you enjoy the tale I’ve crafted while I continue to work on the sequel.

To my family, who supported me in the Navy, in school, and in my writing…Thank you very much and I love you all.

To the professors, staff, and my fellow students and alumni from the Masters in Writing Program at Johns Hopkins University…Your inspiration, feedback, advice, and lessons were taken to heart.

To all US Navy sailors, past and present…Thank you for pushing me on my personal and professional journeys through life.

To the officers and crew of the USS James E. Williams (DDG 95) from 2014-2016…You were a never-ending fount of support during our struggles. The tireless way you all worked and fought to keep JWS on mission is something I will never forget. The way each of you worked to pick each other up and keep moving forward is a credit to yourselves and is the embodiment of a fighting spirit.

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