Collection of Short Stories


I’ve been noticeably absent (again) from this blog for a bit now and here’s the reason why.

Aside from the list of home improvement projects, renovations, and my normal day to day activities (mostly parenting and doing my Clark Kent job)…I’ve been writing…adding to the three short stories that made up my thesis at Johns Hopkins University.

I now have around 50,000 words worth of short stories with 1 more left to write. Then off to the editing and revising process and….hopefully….to an agent.

I realize that there aren’t a whole slew of agents out there looking for short story collections…so this may have to be self published in the end…but it is worth it. I look at the stories I’ve written during the past 60 days and there isn’t a story there that I don’t love.

So…now that 90 percent of the first draft is done, I suppose it’s time to stop being lazy and post here once in awhile.

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