Manuscript 2 Update

Alright…back at it again today and I now have 14 of 20 planned chapters for the new book finished (by which I mean that the shitty first drafts are done…visions of revisions dancing in my head).

Total word count is right around 50,000 for now…estimated to be around 77,000 when I’m done with this draft.

Again…sorry to disappoint, but no spoilers here…

Not yet anyway.

We’ll see what happens over the weekend with this project.

2 responses to “Manuscript 2 Update”

  1. Woop woop, 77k words is a nice target. I’m aiming for 80k for my current WIP. Keep on keeping on!

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    1. Working on it. This one is more fun than the first manuscript…mostly because it’s less technical (the first has a bit of a Tom Clancy style to it)…

      Best of luck with your current WIP.


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