In addition to the thesis course, I’m currently taking a course at Johns Hopkins called “Noticing as a Writer” and I have to admit that the practice of writing down random noticing notes is highly addictive…and amusing.

That said…I’ll kick off my first such entry on this website.

I noticed, during a doctor’s office visit this week, that I have discovered the perfect place to nap.

This newly discovered locale is nearly always warm and the sheer absence of sound in the room is particularly pleasing. Nothing can really get to you in there…except the tinny voice of an operator and the faint beeping noises which alternate from ear to ear and change frequency every few seconds.

I don’t know why they call it a hearing booth. They should call it a napping booth. I’ve never been able to stay awake in one for more than a few minutes.

On a side note…my doctor thinks I’m mostly deaf now and has scheduled me for more naps…I mean hearing tests.

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