Where to start?

Let’s start with the progress on my second book. No spoilers here. I’m about 7,500 words in on the new manuscript or roughly 3.5 chapters written. Well, the drafts are written. Outline is down, but that’s nothing really big. Took about 20 minutes to throw down the basic gist of the book and figure out what chapters need to go where for right now.

Next? Well, I’d started off the year with a few posts on Buddhism, or general well-being if Buddhism isn’t really your thing. I’ve taken a break for the past few days, watching the events in the United States unfold. I was thinking about that today and realized that taking a break from a daily study of Buddhist teachings and writing about my own interpretation or reflections on those lessons was probably the worst thing I could do. So what’s that mean? Well, starting tomorrow, I’ll go back to writing those. Hopefully those writings help others as much as they help me.

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