The Power of silence

In an age of music on demand, technologically advanced sound systems, social media, and daily life that moves at the speed of light, there is power to be found in silence.

It sounds odd. We all have that collection of songs that pump us up and motivate us. Time is littered with compilations and mix tapes of motivational music. Life is constantly throwing noise our way. Horns honking. People laughing. Jets flying. Bosses yelling. And we listen to all of it. We all have our own little soundtrack to life.

But when is the last time you pressed pause? When’s the last time you shut the door and locked yourself away from all of the hate or the love? From the anger and the joy? When’s the last time to took a break from hearing everything around you and just listened to you?

To your own heartbeat?

To your breathing?

Take a moment.

Try it.

Turn the world off.

Listen to yourself.

What are you saying?

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