Order out of chaos

For most people, today represents a return to the chaotic world of day to day activities. It doesn’t matter whether it is a return to school or work; life from this day forward tends to include a seemingly never-ending series of frantic events: homework, projects, deadlines, interpersonal conflicts, traffic jams, etc… You get the idea.

Trying to reflect, with all of that going on is like trying to look at your reflection in a puddle while you splash around in it. What you get then is a picture of yourself flailing.

Take the time to let your mind calm down first. Let the ripples settle out and watch the surface become smooth again. Let the water return to its natural state. Let it be at rest. Then take a look.

That’s you, free of the frenetic scrambling and chaos of everyday life. That’s your goal: Keep the reflecting surface as smooth as possible by letting the water rest. Avoid engaging in the chaos. Seek the calm surface.

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