Almost two months ago, I provided an update about my work in progress. Since then, I’ve gone completely radio-silent about writing my first book. I suppose it’s time for an update and, possibly, a teaser.

I’m just over 50 days into the first draft of this book and things continue to go well.

To date, I’ve got 22 chapters down and the word count is hovering around 60,000.

Based on the outline and story map, I have about 20 more chapters to write before I go back and start the editing and revision process.

I’m looking at this process in the same way I look at tattooing. I’m getting the first draft skeleton and meat of the story down now. Later, I’ll go back and add the color and details that really bring the characters to life.

I guess it would be unfair to post this without explaining what I meant by the word “teaser”.

Sometime in the next 45 days, I’ll post a short blurb explaining the story I’m creating.

#writing #workinprogress #fiction #militaryfiction #militarythriller

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