Work In Progress

It’s been awhile since I posted anything here—so I figure it’s time for an update.

Since the last blog post, life has gotten busy. Still quarantined with the family and working remotely (a situation that frequently results in having to slow myself down or ask the folks I consult for if they have anything new for me). I’ve also kept myself busy working around the house.

Among the myriad of home improvement projects I have (finish basement, install underground sprinklers for the entire property…), I’m also finishing up a Master’s in Writing at Johns Hopkins University and studying for my Project Management Professional certification. But none of that is what this post is supposed to be about.

I’m currently working on two “works in progress”.

The first, which has been in the making since I started writing seriously a couple years ago, is a collection of short stories—including some of the material on this website. That work stands at around 40,000 words right now.

The second WIP is my first novel. I started to write it a few months ago and stalled out—primarily because the original storyline was both dumb and implausible. After a few weeks of writing, I dumped everything in the trash bin and kept plugging away at the short story collection.

About two weeks ago, I was working in the yard and, as I rode around on the lawnmower, I had one of those “A-Ha” moments. I know exactly what the story is now—and more importantly—how to take it there.

The work on the first book resumed seven days ago and is sitting at 11,000 words. Each day I get up, looking forward to getting my work done so that I can sit down and immerse myself in the new world I’ve created.

2 responses to “Work In Progress”

  1. Wow, I totally respect you for having two WIPs at the same time. I can only manage one writing WIP and one editing project at the same time. Do you do both in the same day? Or do you alternate them? Best wishes to your writing endeavours!

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    1. Depends on the day. For three of the past seven days, I’ve worked on both each day.

      I suppose my experience with the Navy helps with that—there were always about 300 storylines going on at any given time on my ships.


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