Do you have a routine for your writing? Are there things you have to accomplish, or steps you have to take before you can actually sit down to write or are you one of those folks who can just write anytime, anywhere, regardless of the situation?

Over the last two months, I’ve found that I’m a mix of both. Sometimes, when the mood strikes me, I can just write. One thousand words. Two thousand words. Three thousand words. No preparation. No routine. I can just break out the laptop or whip out a notebook and put words on paper. Kid’s music blasting? Not a problem. Cartoons at max volume? Piece of cake.

Then there are the other days.

Every so often, I struggle to even want to write. I run into days where I have to meet certain wickets to write. I need coffee. I have to wash my face and change clothes. I have to clean the library at home (which is normally where I write). I convince myself that I need to put in a good two hours working on finishing the basement before I can write. Subconsciously, I know I’m just stalling, just trying to get to a point where I can convince myself that its too late to write. I’ve even guilt-tripped myself into not writing, telling myself that the hour or so I was going to spend writing is better spent playing with the kids (ironically the only legitimate argument I’ve ever made for not writing).

Maybe its just a lack of motivation on some days.

How do you get around days like this?

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