Turf War

Again, not really a writing update. Just some rambling.

Yesterday, I mentioned on my Twitter account that I’m starting to write my Master’s thesis for a degree in Homeland Security. Classes started and I’m spending most of the week working on the research question—primarily with the goal of not sounding either A) dumb or B) rhetorical. We’ll see how that goes.

For the half-dozen of you who might read this, yes, I’m trying to write a thesis while also working on the manuscript for my first book. Sounds like pretty crappy scheduling, I know, but I enjoy writing.

Those two items, combined with parenting and being a good husband, should have been enough work for a summer but, alas, the galaxy had other plans. My new lawn has been invaded by moss and mushrooms, which should make the local hobbits happy but is rather unpleasant to look at.

Thus starts the epic battle of our time. My once beautiful lawn shall once again breathe the free air…and my thesis and book idea need not suffer.

I hope.

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